Terms and conditions


Our prices are FOB Bangkok.

Please use our ordering system to put your wholesale order together.

You can use the "Add to Cart" links in the category pages (below the product thumbnails) or the "Add to Cart" links in the actual product pages. Our ordering system will add the minimum product quantity to your order.

You can always remove a product from your order or change the quantities to more than the minimum order quantity.

Click on "Your Order" at the top of the screen to view your order.

When you are ready to send your order to P.K. Trading Thailand CO.,LTD, continue to the address page to enter your address and shipping comments. 

After entering your address please review your order (make sure your shipping address and especially email address are correct!) and send it to us with a mouse click. We will contact you by email regarding your order.


We sell only to the Trade, not to private individuals. Our Standard Terms of Business apply to orders for export from Thailand, to a minimum list value of USD$5,000.00.

To place an order, or get a quotation from us, please click "Add to Cart" links in the actual product pages.

If our standard terms do not seem to fit your needs (for instance if you want delivery in Thailand, or to order less than $5,000-worth) or you want something not exactly in our product list, please email your request in detail, and we will send you a special quotation as quickly as we can.

We accept payment by Western Union, Pay Pal, Telex Transfer (T/T) or Letter of Credit (L/C). Money up front please, if we have not done business with you before!


These apply to all trade orders for export from Thailand, to a minimum list value of US$5,000.00. Other requirements can usually be accepted subject to special quotation, please email us with full details of your needs.


We are advising that following instructions should be expediently treated.

We do not sell and ship products over to country of Nigeria. 

We ask that anyone wishing to contact us please do so through email, our email address is sale@pktradingthailand.com

We would not rather to be contacted by phone call, particular international phone call. Our apology for the inconvenience but this will benefit both you and our sales, by email, we can respond much more understood to your inquiry.

In order to make a price quote with full details provided, information as below is required;

- Product code number (please define which model you are interested)
- Quantity of each code number, each model.
- Destination of shipment 
- Consignee complete address, post code and phone number.
- Contact person
- Name of company (if any)

Once we receive above information, we will return a proforma invoice with banking account information.


Prices can be found on our products page. We mainly sell for wholesale order in term of F.O.B. Bangkok. Prices do not allow for retail order.

If you require specific or additional model/sculpture, price will be slightly higher.

Our F.O.B prices are standard which apply for customer in all regions. Any specific requirement imposed by customer in the following ways;

- Commission
- Excess sample cost 
- Sample delivery cost
- Inspection
- Laboratory test
- Legalization
- Fumigation
- Phytosanitary treatment
- Label of barcode, warning and caution, recycle mark, trademarks, logos, service mark and other brand features.
- Tags
- Inner carton
- Product Liability Insurance

We will make good effort to provide and serve with sincerity therein but cost will be in addition to our prices.


We will send samples of our goods at cost in F.O.B. Bangkok + courier charge to bona fide businesses.


We pack all orders with brown paper, bubble sheet and foam pad then in standard.

Return of Good

If you return a consignment to us in new condition within 30 days, we offer a full refund, but you must pay for all shipping and other expenses

We take great care at our factory to minimize the chance of damaged or defective goods, but as with all natural wood, occasional defects may appear. If you find a problem, please let us know then we will remake the replacement for the unacceptable items and ship together with next order.